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My Pet Peeve This Week, Overpriced Goods or Services

1 April 2019 Blog

So is it just me and a colleague who just had a conversation on the matter or does everyone else experience this pain we both feel? .When you ask for the price of a product or service and the response nearly knocks you off your feet because it is so clear that it is overpriced.

From the lady hawking bananas on the street ,to the gentleman in the superstore and even the service providers, hairdressers, taxi cab drivers,everyone is guilty.To be on the safe side these days I usually negotiate prices before enjoying a service, one fine saturday I wanted to visit the market ,I decided to take a cab because finding parking space in the market on saturdays usually an issue, so I stopped one got in and told him to take me to wuse market, he promptly drove off and we joined the conversation coming in from the speakers of his radio, on arriving he asked me to pay N 1,000. I was perplexed but he became very hostile and in order to avoid trouble, I just had to pay because it was actually my fault, I had failed to negotiate the terms of the contract before employing his service. Bitter lesson ,wisdom earned.Now I know better

A word of advice to product and service providers, stop the exploitation please, reasonable prices will bring you referrals and a higher turn over eventually, exorbitant prices may get you a good sale but you loose customers when they get to know they were cheated, there are several shops here in Abuja that I have come to identify with exploitation and have boycotted and have also told my friends to boycott, similarly There are stores I highly recommend too

Change begins with you and me!

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