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My Pet Peeve This Week, Nick Names Given To Women

14 November 2018 Blog News

So a lady is walking around in the market,minding her business, doing her  shopping and traders are calling out to her with various nick names Mama, Fine Aunty ,yellow sisi  etc,how come we do not get to hear same when a  man passes by, I mean what is good is good so we might as well address a man as papa whenever we address a woman as mama, fine uncle,yellow bobo etc respectively…Aha! now you get it

If you ask me, I think it is as disrespectful as it is annoying as well as insensitive period!

Ladies , i beseech you, you can not control the behavior of other people, but by all means try to choose the way you allow your self to be treated and that includes what name you answer to, how  you choose to be addressed,

For the men who  prefer to call women others names other than their original names, I appeal to you, stop it, it is not civil, now if you are married and your name is Mr. Tunde would you rather have your wife addressed as Mrs Tunde or as “Mama”… Now you get it, i hoped you would so i believe you will be more civil starting now

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing this piece so together we can start this reorientation towards positive change, towards respect for self and others be they man or woman.

Cheers to that


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