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My Pet Peeve This week-Men Who Tie Wrapper Around Their Waist

16 August 2018 Blog News

Papa Ronke was sitting down clad in his usual wrapper  watching his favourite football team, it was a hot day and he  was so  infuriated when the  power went out so he yelled for samson the gateman to turn on the generator, something went wrong and there was a spark, and a loud bang , it freaked papa Ronke out so much he ran out to see what was wrong and bumped into samson who was running in to check the distribution box inside, so he fell over revealing everything under the wrapper and to the straying eyes of a small crowd of neighbours  who were outside seeing off their and guest . Not funny at all

Dear men,(and women) who tie wrappers around their waist or chest at home , we know it gets hot and you need some air but please do not do wrappers, its clumsy, It is a hazard. it is uncivilized and its a No No!

you have cute little boxers  you can feel comfortable in within the confines of your bedroom and if you must go outside, by all means be decent, please

Papa Ronke wore a wrapper with nothing underneath, Papa Ronke fell down,Papa ronke exposed his sacred nakedness to neighbours and their guest, Papa Ronke got embarrassed ,Mama Ronke Was devastated, Ronke and her siblings are still ashamed till this day……

Do Not Be Like Papa Ronke!


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