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My Pet Peeve This week-Men Who Ease Themselves Along The Road

7 August 2018 Blog

One fine day I  was  at work minding my business and somehow my tired eyes strayed from my laptop to the window 

I gasped at the sight of the exposed genitals of  a  full grown adult male who  was urinating apparently  unaware that though the windows appeared tinted on the outside, there was a clear view from the inside .(not a good cure for  my sore eyes) I was so traumatized that even till this day  I am writing this I get goose bumps just remembering.

Another even greater evil is seeing that women too sometimes have to squat and ease themselves on the road, it is so wrong, 

I want to call on the relevant authorities to please see that we have good,clean public convenience facilities  located strategically to curb this menace

My brothers and sisters make a conscious effort to ensure that you are not caught in this act, it will help to use the toilet at home before  you leave your house,drink less fluid when you are on the move, or use the nearest eatery or public facility where necessary

With the rains now some roads practically smell like a toilet because of accumulation of urine, the toilet culture we find here is so poor that even when toilets are available,they are so dirty that  most people rather do their business outside , let us all be right and do right, it is for our own good.



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