My Pet Peeve This Week- Mean Hospital Personnel

So why do most hospital personnel  act like they are doing one a favour   

while re -conting an unpleasant experience  with an obviously unhappy nurse the other  day, my friend thankfully had a pleasant experience to share about a very kind and friendly  nurse who had attended to her, but she quickly added that she became suspicious and uncomfortable with this too good to be true experience, and couldn’t wait to leave, why because it is rather unusual to get hospital staff who are actually hospitable in  the way they carry out their duties!

Truth be told,there are some very good ones who really have a calling to their line of work and enjoy doing it too, (God bless you if you are in this category)however this is an appeal to the nasty nurses that yell at women in the labour ward,making sarcastic statements,to the doctors who take private casual calls when a patient is right in front of them in the doctors office, Lab scientist who in carelessness misinterpret or  misrepresent  results ,to all the ones who take advantage of a women making them expose their bodies and be subjected to numerous unnecessary test just because they are dressed in white! I have no words for you, records department staff who waste time and unnecessary delay an obviously sick person in the name of opening a new folder or retrieving an existing one …. the list is endless, but the appeal is simple If you do not have the heart for it, do not go into the medical field, it is that simple,you have no idea the pain you have put patients and their loved ones through by your attitude and carelessness, please do not be offended by this piecerather, I pray it will  bring about some soul searching and a positive turn around for the better


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