My Pet Peeve This Week-Manipulating Traders

You are walking into a mall on a strict budget to buy one thing in the company of your children, and then this hawker sights your 3 year old whom he knows will not resist his cute branded toy and then he hands it to her obviously she turns to you with her sweetest face and cutest smile, may i have it mum,please, you shake your head,she starts to cry, she is yelling and will not give it back,you are forced to buy, hmm,ever had to face this scenario? well i have,severally its so annoying

Why do these hawkers do that, I pray they run into someone fierce who will go away with their wares and lean a lesson, one even dropped a pile of  his cartoon  cds through my open window in traffic while i was buying something else, the light  turned green, i had to go i had a good mind to drive away to teach him a lesson, but the greater good theory got hold of me so i parked a little ahead and h ran to meet me almost getting himself crushed in the process 

Traders, this is an appeal, that sale is not worth all that trouble,especially in wise be careful.

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