My Pet Peeve This Week-Lies, Rumors, Gossip

22 November 2018 Blog News

As hard as it is to admit, we all have had to lie, or be lied to but taking a critical look at it  ,One understands how wrong it is .its hard to lie, it had to be lied to but even harder to deal with when you are lied upon!

people lie about where they’ve been,are or are going to, they lie about something they find embarrassing, about who they are are,etc, but the lies they tell or better still make up imaginary stories from the store house of their hatred or jealousy, assassinating the character of another person who may never know let alone defend themselves, that’s what  really gets to me

please, lets not even trivialize the matter by giving it subtle names like gossip,rumors etc, its purely mans inhumanity to man,deformation and assassination of character,to say the very least . May we all desist from participating  in such for good

A simple story to illustrate harm done with you I will share; So it happened , man took another man to court for  spreading false rumors against him, the  people condemned this saying, it was just a little lie ,something they could have settled between them.the judge them told the accused to grab a piece of paper and shred it in tiny pieces, he then told him to spread the pieces all over the town on his way home and adjourned the hearing till the next morning.

When they returned,the judge asked the accused to go out and collect every piece from the paper he had spread in town the previous, the accused lamented the impossibility of such adding that breeze must have taken the papers far and wide so retrieving them would be impossible, the judge then spoke saying, “I am glad you said that, spreading rumors about someone is pretty much the same, you cant tell how far they will go,and you will never be able to take it back even with the most heart felt apology, so it was wrong of all of you to have considered it a small matter not worthy of being charged to court. the accused was dumbfounded as the judge proceeded to pronounce a sentence!

Determine  and also commit make your life a no lies,no rumors,no gossip zone 


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