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My Pet Peeve This Week-Insensitive Road Users

5 August 2019 Blog

So its a very rainy day today, I could not help but notice the people standing at bus stops trying to get to work and their various destinations.

Women using anything from umbrellas to polythene bags to cover hair and then to my disgust I noticed some car owners will pass and splash the muddy waters without consideration for the people standing by, I shuddered, that is not nice at all.

Drifting me back to reality where the piercing full headlights lights from an oncoming vehicle, even with my glasses I had to shield my eyes with the palm of my hand ..

‘Why can we not be a little more sensitive about other people? Oga and madam Car owner. It is well o.”

A little bit of sensitivity is all it takes, you just splashed water, big deal you may be tempted to say, but you ruined someones dress, someones day, bruised an ego, crushed a persons morale..think about it.

lets be more sensitive road users please…

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