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My Pet Peeve This week- Flattery

13 November 2019 Blog

If you do not mean it, by all means do not say it, for me its really that simple. I am so sick and tired of people who say pretty things to a persons face but the moment they step out turn around to speak unkind words

The dictionary defines flattery as ” excessive and insincere praise, given especially to further one’s own interests. ” more than that however, do you know that this can lead to destruction of the person or persons involved, especially where you would be in a good position to correct a character flaw in love but no, you rather flatter so as not to spoil your chances of getting favours,, you destroy not only the other party but yourself as well . there’s no other way to say this, if you can not speak the truth ,then keep your dignity by saying nothing at all

As an individual you owe it to yourself where necessary to take only the opinions of those who truly love you,care about you and who will always tell you the truth come what may. Pray for a discerning spirit so you can tell when flattery comes your way and refuse to sit at tables in the company of those who flatter you only to be the topic of discussion the moment you leave!

For anyone who has mastered the art of flattery, it is not worth it and unlearning it to become a sincere person who is full of integrity is the only way to go


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