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My Pet Peeve This week-Annoying Questions

4 July 2019 Blog

So I’m a Nigerian, and proudly so, I love my people I can not lie but some of the things they say just drive you crazy, This week we will try to look at some of those very uncultured and annoying questions, perhaps we should all start giving very annoying responses too, maybe it will help people refrain from them . lets have fun with this and by all means feel free to add some of yours to the list.

  1. Na your pikin be dis, eeya na who e resemble sef?
  2. your wife don Born, na wetin she get?
  3. you Don come back? (Really…no im still out)
  4. This your shoe fine o, how much you buy am?( whats your business)
  5. Sister na wah o, you never marry? ( come and marry her!)
  6. Haba, Una never born, since wey una marry, wetin una dey wait for? ( for you to get the couple pregnant, busy body)
  7. wetin dey worry you sef?
  8. Na food you dey chop( no na grass)
  9. Na you I dey follow talk?
  10. wetin you carry come?(come and search me)

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