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My Peeve This Week-People Making Noise In Church

20 June 2019 Blog

So last sunday I was so angry because these two friends sitting behind me will not stop telling stories and giggling ,all through the sermon, I heard next to nothing, their voices seemed to to be louder than the preachers voice, it seemed like the were speaking right into my ears , I was so upset and despite all the stern glances I gave them repeatedly, they kept on talking till the service ended

why would two adults get up,get dressed,and show up in church only to tell tales to each other rather than fulfil the reason they came to church in the first place, and not just that, be a distraction for others as well, not nice at all, totally unacceptable

so another sunday cometh, will you be in church for your sunday worship,or will you be in church to tell tales and distract others

My earnest prayer is that you choose the former and thank you

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