Why We Must Stop Almajiri System Now, Mohammed Sabo

What Is Almajiri? To the lay man, almajri’s are beggars. Nuisance to the society, where Northerners allow their children to fend for themselves. Many people think of killers and violence when they hear the word almajari.

The system of education as it is being practiced in the North is a system where children are sent to a far distance Quoranic education.

Almajiri is a general name given to both student and destitute but with different meaning to each. Whereas Almajiri (student) is meant generally for a Qur’anic student, almajiri (destitute) is simply a beggar (whether child or adult).Aug 23, 2008

Mohammed Sabo is a member of international Coalition for education, eradication of hunger and abuse, a US based NGO and he throws more light on why  must be practiced for a safer, sane and secured society.

Many notable Northern Nigerians like the Emir of Kano, Emir of Sultan and more have passed through this system over the years, especially when it still had the vision, objectives and potency of the fore fathers.

Alu Azege

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