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Mum,The Answers You Seek Lie Within you!

12 July 2017 Blog Mum's Diary News

The other day my kids were talking about what they want to become when they grow up, then suddenly, my son turned to me and asked “and how about you mum”? What about me I asked startled? A Doctor, Lawyer,  Architech or Pilot he continued..

Auch! that hurt, so how about my job eh? I answered, besides, being mum is my favorite thing, I know that mummy he cut in and you are the best mum ever he added leaning over to hug me, you can still be anything you want to be until you are 100 years old then you will stop  growing, I could not hold the laughter at this point so I let it out real loud and then almost sobbing I held his face so I can look directly into his eyes , then I said to him firmly, you too can be anything you want to be,just look deep within and find who you are!

Mum, I  learnt something profound from this,i mean for most of us now becoming a lawyer,Doctor or the likes is not a priority,but maybe the journey is not so much about becoming anything…maybe it is about unbecoming everything that is not really you in order to embrace the real you…Aha!!


It is time to stop listening to what the world is saying and listen to your heart, it may not make sense to the world and it does not have to, a time came in my life when i had to choose between family ( my kids) and career, I sacrificed career with all the fortune that came with it…was it easy hell no! It was nearly the hardest thing to do at that time . Did the world understand my decision, most definitely no! But  I am glad I did

You see there are only a few people in this world who would stay completely true to you and you should be number one on that list.


Open your ears to your own voice,your own soul,your innermost heart,Deep within is where you  will find answers about what you want,you will know you have made the right decision when there is peace in your heart ,you alone have the vision for your life…let no one decide that for you!

Good luck!

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