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Mum Vs Dad Parenting Styles And Skills

15 November 2017 Blog Mum's Diary News

 I have heard it said that women come from Venus and men come from Mars.Little wonder then, the incredible differences in the way we are generally wired ,our mindsets and consequently parenting styles.

These differences are crystal clear  in fact  (speaking out of experience) it is a major cause of disagreements between couples! Mums and Dads usually have a totally different style of taking care of kids.some of these differences I would rather describe as  “dangerous” some annoying, others well out rightly hilarious..I will share some here and now, I hope you can relate and have a good laugh,share with a friend.you may also have observed some and i urge you by all means to share with us hmmn I hope I am not about  to start a debate on mum and dad who is a better parent here o we know who will win don’t we (laughing in italics) ,  but seriously now, both parents play complementary roles  and the absence of either one spells doom.Have you not seen the statistics?  Look at the worst, most crime infested ghettos and the most impoverished neighborhoods, the kids with the lowest educations, highest rate of criminal records and the worst future prospects financially came from single parents, God never intended children to be raised by one parent  , not even by a long shot. So Mum, Dad no one is allowed to get touchy  please lets just have fun with this okay? Here goes ,Enjoy..

“When I said change the baby, I meant his diapers!

1. FeedingEver seen dad feed baby? he has the bottle titled backwards as he fiddles with the Television remote and most of his attention is on the news or sport he is watching, this one I consider dangerous, (chocking hazard) Dad also may play vigorously with baby just after feeding causing baby to throw up most if not all the food,Mum knows to  gently rub baby’s back to burp and rock gently, if it is a toddler, Dad is most likely to let them feed themselves and mess up the whole place, he may lack the patience required and give up half way or help finish the food especially when it is tasty(wink wink)


When dad rocks baby to sleep it turns out dad sleeps off while baby crawls out to find mum, (Hilarious)mums on the other hand will gently rock baby to sleep,safely lay baby down and sneak out to get on with other chores! “yay” for mums!

3. Instincts

Yes , Mums have inbuilt instincts which have been tested and trusted and have  saved the day  more often than not, Dad tries to logically reason out everything


Mums are known to beat themselves up with guilt feelings about the smallest mistake ,Dads will reward themselves with a drink after changing baby diapers!most mums have lost their identity,sacrificed career and more on the altar of motherhood. Dads do not deal with guilt when they are away so much, it is justifiable ,for them  it is for  the family they need to work so hard,they need to earn more money to take care of the family needs

5. Funtime

Ah finally something the kids love Dad more for! you know all the rough and tumble that mums are too scared to watch let alone do, well yes sir !Dad lets them do all, he even thinks a little fall now and then will make his little boys strong especially where there is  no major injury

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