The Mum’s Operating Manual!

Hey mums!

So have you wished sometimes, like I have, that  motherhood came with it’s own mum’s manual for those times when being a mother is… well, not so much fun, and you wish you had super powers. Like when all your kids decide to come down with a fever all at once, or they are throwing tantrums in a mall .

Well, I have decided that you and I are going to write one so I’m so excited.

I will start with a few of my tips. Some hilarious, others just common sense, but you can add yours to complete the manual. Here goes…

The MUM’S MANUAL – Book 1 (Read Instructions Carefully)
  1. Never establish eye contact when your child is trying to fall asleep. They may sense your joy and abort mission!
  2. Every child will eventually figure out a way to manipulate you, you must have a counter strategy.
  3. Your kids are smarter than you think, do not underestimate them.
  4. Discipline must always be commensurable with offence.
  5. Be consistent and avoid any form of partiality when dealing with your kids.
  6. Do not underestimate the power of play. Play with your kids, be their friend, it does magic for your relationship.
  7. Never fail to explain your actions. Kids can be made to understand rules which makes it easier for them to abide by them.
  8. Get into your children’s mind from time to time. Think like them.
  9. Pretend to cry and throw tantrums occasionally. It throws them off balance and you can now manipulate them instead of them manipulating you!
  10. Be open to learn. Some of  the greatest lessons I have learnt, I learnt from my kids or other kids I have worked closely with, like love, laughter, forgiveness and honesty.

So mums, good luck writing your manual, I look forward to reading yours.

Sincerely yours in motherhood…

Mimi Dogo

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