Mum,Here’s How To Relate With Your Children

16 August 2017 Blog Mum's Diary News

Psychology  has established that  the average child would have formed his or her personality by age 5! Therefore,from this point of view ,a couple of valuable insights can be drawn into how to relate  with a child as he or she grows up. I came across a very enlightening read by Dr Bukola Williams ,An expert on the subject ,permit me to share with you.

According to her, we can look at it in 3 stages ,here goes

From Birth To 12 Years

This is when  all needed reforms in character ,orientation,perceptions take place, parents must be physically available to incorporate values to their children, this is the stage where actual parenting takes place . She believes that what ever is left undone at this stage or whatever parents fail to correct at this stage is lost for good! wow!

From ages 13-19

In this stage, you learn about the young adult unfolding before your eyes by becoming their friend! Hard core parenting at this stage (ie, spanking, punishing  ,scolding) has a very low success rate or most likely none at all! 


your best bet at this stage is to befriend your child and try to reason with them, handling them with patience and understanding and by all means pray hard committing them to God so that he can  perfect in them ,the values and teachings  from their earlier years

From age 20 And Above

The desire of parents at this stage is to be your child mentor! and truly this is the best you can be ,and what is more you too must be sure you have put yourself together well enough to be and inspiration to them, simply put,you must practice what you have been preaching! Why? well because they are grown enough to be bored with listening to you, they watch you and are more intrigued by how you live your life  ( a healthy marriage will indeed inspire good marriages for our children etc ) ..It starts from there really and the things they see u do especially when you are not aware they are watching!

In summary, It it true what they say…a mothers work is never done!Never stop praying for your children,Never shut them out no matter what, but do understand the stages of their lives and use the approach appropriate for each stage… Goodluck!


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