Christmas: Mum,Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb

This Week on Mum’s Diary I am sending a special shout out to all the mummies who this time last year or years before had their “Christmas Babies and all who are due this season.

I tell you it is truly awesome to have your baby share birthdays with the baby Jesus and in homes were there are Christmas Babies you can bet its double celebration.

Did you ever wonder what it was like for Mary, The Mother of The baby Jesus At the time,?……well, who would have thought that her little baby boy would be the savior of the world, the healer, a miracle worker, the messiah…..That he would have to grow up and be crucified for the redemption of the lost? Wow! that is really something!Not Even Mary ,His Mother knew or Did she?, Would she  have in her wildest dreams fathomed just who this little baby Suckling at her breast was going to grow and become…Maybe,maybe not

Mummy and Daddy, the gift of the baby Jesus to us is the gift of God that keeps on giving!, what an honor and what a privilege to be trusted with the sacred role of parenting.

I rejoice with you for the precious gift of the baby boy or baby girl you are carrying, I know too that there is a divine purpose for you having to bring forth in this season , not to worry though you may  have to miss out on all the partying, cooking, eating, travelling and all, be sure to make every other Christmas a magical experience for your family, let them know the true meaning of Christmas, yours is a divine assignment which you must take seriously, for just like Mother Mary did not know just how great her little baby would turn out to be,,so you do not know just how important that child you carry is! 

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I encourage you  Mum and Dad, Let the gift of Christmas be celebrated in your homes daily as you carry on with courage and determination,this great ,noble and divine assignment of parenthood, Oh how great that Mary Did her assignment…  well what will you do, with your gift, your baby, that will tomorrow become a gift to the world

Blessed are you oh Mothers (parents)and blessed are the fruits of thy womb!

Merry Christmas






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