Mum Where Does Santa Live

The yuletide season is here, the excitement is in the air  huge Christmas trees can be seen placed outside most malls and big supermarkets , the lights twinkle at night on major buildings and the radio stations are treating us to beautiful Christmas carols.

Hmmn, it does not matter how old one gets, Christmas will always be Christmas and nothing compares to the joy of the season

Families unite, scores are settled, there is forgiveness, there is healing,and also the eating,drinking,exchange of gifts that we all get so carried away with.So i thought to make out time and talk with my children to be sure they understand the true meaning of Christmas ,so they do not think its about visiting Santa(or father Christmas as we know him in Nigeria) in his grotto to pick up their gifts

I told of how the baby Jesus was born, the miracle of his birth , its significance to Christianity the joy that his birth brought to the world and the reason why we celebrate. i told them how it is a season to give, love and bring joy to people, I mean we should always do that , that should be a way of life but somehow Christmas highlights it all, as we talked we all had on our “Santa hats” and we decorated our Christmas tree as the kids took turns hanging plastic rain deer and red,gold and silver balls on the tree…beautiful


Now it thought it will be wise to ask if they understood me and if they had any questions , however nothing would have prepared me for the question my son promptly asked, “mum, where does Santa live? and he continued why do i have to wait till Christmas for Santa to visit, if I know where he lives i can go and visit him whenever I want…Wow 

I will attempt to answer that  now, but what is more profound is what this question made me realize…I will share that later

 you and I know Santa is a myth right, but I am not about to break the heart of a six year old like that  so i do a research research from the internet  which revealed that for decades, Santa’s home at the North Pole lived solely in Nast’s cartoons and the fantasies of children.

But in 1949, it took physical form for the first time, 13 miles from Lake Placid. While trying to keep his daughter occupied during a long drive, Julian Reiss, a New York businessman, reportedly told her a story about a baby bear who went on a great adventure to find Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Reiss’ daughter demanded he make good on his story and take her to the workshop. Driving through the woods around Lake Placid en route to his family’s summer home, Reiss saw an opportunity.

He teamed up with the artist Arto Monaco—who would eventually help design Disneyland in California—to create a physical version of Santa’s workshop on 25 wooded acres around Lake Placid. Santa’s Workshop in North Pole ,New York, became one of America’s first theme parks, and its novel depiction of Santa’s magical workshop brought visitors by the thousands.

People also loved the park’s perpetual winter; even on a summer day in upstate New York, the “North Pole”—an actual pole made of two steel cylinders and a refrigerant coil—stayed frozen. over time, Finland and Alaska have also laid claim to Santa’s home.

Now i will tell you what I told my son.. Santa lives all around the world with home everywhere but his favorite home is in your heart!

If you agree with me then, please let Santa live in your heart so you can visit him all year round, by this I am saying that everyday can be Christmas, if you let love fill your heart and the Santa in your heart come alive to share his gifts with joy, these gifts can be a smile, a warm hug,a kind word, a phone call,a visit, a wrapped gift, forgiveness, etc

whatever your do, this Christmas and always make sure Santa is not homeless, let him live in your heart and by all means do not wait till Christmas to let him go visiting!

Merry Christmas everyone,Ho! Ho! Ho!

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