Mum ,Never Miss The Special Moments

So I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner and at the point when I’m chopping vegetables, Latisha strolls in, in her usual breezy manner “Ama you are cooking eh?) [Ama means “mother”]. What are you cooking? Is it rice? Are you going to fry plantain and fish? {By the way, any type of meat be it chicken, goat is fish to Latisha} Phew! The questions just keep coming one after the other and I’ve hardly answered the first. Ah Ah! What I really want to do is show her the door so I can have some peace. It’s been a long busy day, just got home from work. I’m tired and the last thing I need is this distraction. Kai, Mama never told me there’ll be days like this besides once she’s in there you can be sure her brother will burst through the doors soon in search of his play mate!. Nope that’s not happening, I’m not letting them turn my kitchen into a play pen, so instead I take a deep sigh, wash my hands and lead her to the living room…

Recently, I’m learning to give a listening ear to my children irrespective of whether or not it’s convenient, you never know when from little chit chat you will stumble on very vital information so I call out to her brother and she hastily replies “he is watching cartoon ooo, he won’t answer you…”

Hmmm I say, so Madam I’m going to answer all your questions one after the other ok, Yes I’m cooking dinner, No its not rice, its vegetable soup, vegetables are good for you you know. You had plantain and eggs for breakfast so no plantain now, but yes there is lots of fish. There you go any more questions? I have to go back to the kitchen or else dinner will get burnt, now go join your brother you like cartoons too don’t you?

She smiles but you didn’t give me a hug. She says her bright eyes glowing at me so I wrap her up in a big bear hug and I hear the most beautiful words “I love you mum”. I whisper back I love you too my princess as she runs off happily. I’m trying hard to fight the tears welling up in my eyes. I rise and shake it off. What’s wrong with you I giggle to myself, don’t be so emotional girl you’ve got dinner to finish.

Back in the kitchen, I’m thinking about it. Hmmm lesson learnt remember I said that my first reaction would have been to ask her to leave the kitchen and probably put her off “another time”, but in that simple decision that made me to feel important because I left what I was doing for her sake and don’t think she is too small to understand that! Plus we shared a very powerful moment; one I believe created a bond of friendship from which many benefits will accrue. In the long run and you know what, I could have missed it, and who knows we have missed many of such beautiful moments! Aha! Now I got you thinking, but that’s ok. Commit today not to miss another.

Also notice with me that she didn’t want me to bother with her brother, she said he was too engrossed in his cartoons but I think what she really meant was- I want time alone with you, don’t bring him into this and underneath all those questions, all she was really asking is Please mum, can I have your attention and shiver me timbers! I could have missed it!

You know there’s no one manual that fits all mothers in fact you will make a whole lot of discoveries  yourself daily. There is no guarantee that your  “Mama’s techniques” she used bringing you up will work with bringing up your own kids! But here’s the thing, be open to learn daily, and friendship is the key. So go Mum!!! Its discovery channel and you are the main actor,( laughing in italics)

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