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Mum , She Needs You To Pay Attention To Her Emotional Needs

18 October 2017 Blog Mum's Diary

Being mum to both male and female kids  ,  I can tell you there is a clear cut distinction between their needs, physically, emotionally and otherwise.

In  the spirit of the recent celebration of the day of the girl child, permit me mums to draw your attention to  your daughters and their emotional needs.for the purpose of  this article  I  Have brought it down to 3 needs that in my opinion summarize every need

Topmost on this list is LOVE! As parents, we must give love unconditionally and without expectation, as this is the most basic fundamental  emotional requirement for any child, more so your girl child

Parents  ,when you love your child unconditionally, you are less likely to be upset if (God Forbid)the child does not come up to  expectations. Armed with such an attitude, you will be better positioned to ‘listen’ to even the unspoken language of the child .Daughters  seem to want a  two fold therapy, regardless of how close they are to their moms….. They want you to love them unconditionally, listen to anything they want to discuss – much like a best friend – but still be Irreplaceably  their mother above all else!

Following this , she needs your support, Your girl may not have inspirational dreams just yet, but  as she  approaches teenage age she will  and  definitely too, will  need  your support in one way or another! Again and again, girls tell me that having that loving, non-judgmental presence of their mothers is a top priority…I call it a mother-daughter team spirit, mum, your approval of her does magic, be supportive!

Lastly  and very importantly she needs your quality time,Those small moments with you – in the car, getting a manicure, just going shopping, whatever!Your full attention matters to them –  so much more than you might think!

Deliberately make out time to spend with your daughter or daughters ,think of fun ways to do it too, see a movie, go to the saloon,visit a friend,it will do a lot of good to you and get you to bond faster


So there you have it,take what works for you!  and work on strategies to learn about and understand your daughters,communication is key talk freely about anything and everything.Hopefully you’ll find some insight you hadn’t considered before, or maybe you’ll discover that  you and your daughter(s) are already on the right track!Thats a real great place to be 

Either way, I will have you know that daughters are a rare specie ,Infact one of Gods limited editions, handle them like the princesses they are…Goodluck


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