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Mum Lives, Laughs , Gets Scared And She Cries Too!

2 November 2017 Blog Mum's Diary News

“You lied to me mum, you are crying again, you have been crying the whole time, there wasn’t anything in your eyes like you said, was there?

Go and clean your room Imade, if i have to say it to you again, I will use my hands and not my mouth!

Fine! she murmured, moving away slowly… But you have to tell me why you are crying mum, I am 9 years old now, you can not trick me…

I cleaned my face with the back of my hands and took another long look at my late mother’s picture, it would have been her birthday today, she was always excited on each birthday and I remember how we planned to celebrate her birthday a few years ago, a birthday she did not live to see…..

So are you going to tell me?  Imade  jolted me back from dreamland,  i did not hear you knock ,let alone ask you in  I cautioned,and have you…Yes  mum, my room is clean as a whistle, she interupted, sorry I scared you, but  I am worried..

I knew by looking  at those little bright and very piercing eyes  fixed on my face that  I will not be let off this one easily, Imade can be very very very persistent, ok   I  said finally , I guess you are a big girl now so I will tell you  ,Thank you she said taking my hand and leading to me to sit on my bed and she sat facing me, talk to me mum,..I  had to let out a loud chuckle, really imade?, sometimes I  wonder if you are the mum or it is me!,,, see its nothing you should worry about okay, I appreciate your concern though.Today would have been grandma’s birthday, i was crying partly from recalling fond memories and partly because I miss her, especially today,but  like i said dont worry about it …

Its okay to cry mum,said imade I cry too when I am sad or hurt, ….and  you know Jesus will celebrate with grandma, so cheer up . you can take some “me time” mum, I will go and keep the kids busy… (she was referring to her younger ones)

I had to laugh out loud on this one..chai Imade “the kids’ and you are what?…

As she went out I lay me back on my bed and smiled, so I get “me time’ just like that?..something I  practically beg for on a good day , but on today I  get it without even asking…you know why, because  I let my daughter see the vulnerable side of me and it brought understanding!(Understanding that mum is no superwoman after all, that she is human and she deserves some time to herself)

See mum,(and Dad) it is good to be strong and brave in the eyes of your children, but some of lifes  most valuable lessons you will teach your children is from having them see how you live your life and genuinely handle emotions like fear,pain,hurt ,dissapointment as the case may be. It teaches them about life, it also builds a bond like you will not believe!

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible ,And who better with than our family, remember our children are family indeed

So mum, (Dad)just like my daughter said to me, its okay to ,cry, be scared, hurt and dissapointed, really its how you handle it that matters most, and by all means,its okay to be brave, strong, and all that too!

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