Mum Its Okay To lose The Battles And Win The War

13 March 2018 Uncategorized

 Last week we talked about  how motherhood is warfare, so by way of emphasis Iwant to continue this week to encourage you to never give up on  the motherhood journey,  your experience may see you loosing some battles, its okay,You can win a hundred battles, but as long as the war is not won, those battles mean nothing.

On the other hand If you haven’t won a single battle in the war, but you manage to keep standing longer than your opponent does, you still come out victorious.

like we said last week the opponent is the internet, the media, peer pressure, these are the ones fighting the battles with you daily over the lives of your children so yes there will be times when you will loose some battles, dust yourself up and keep going, you are in for the kill,you are in for the long haul you are focused on the war not necessarily the battle

With raising children comes different challenges, many seasoned mothers will tell you you will win some and loose some, now come close. I want to whisper in your ear, truth is this principle works well too with your oldest son, yes, im talking about big daddy himself, yes oga Mr hubby!
Have you not realized that a in a happy marriage if you focus on winning every argument you loose friendship,Aha! So sometimes you deliberately quieten your convictions and let the other person win the” battle” knowing full well that what is important is winning the war together which in this case is keeping the marriage blissful, my dears times have changed and today’s children are not to be handled like yesterdays children, be willing to negotiate,compromise safely that is, use wisdom,choose your battles,take in good faith the battles you may have to loose on your way to winning the war…for many are they who contend with you daily for the lives of your children,mum be wise!
God help us all
Yours in motherhood,

Mimi Dogo



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