Mum, Embrace The woman you Are Becoming……

I watched the video from my wedding the other day with my kids, It was so much fun!

What stood out to me is how much I  have changed , thankfully  the change is positive too, It,s been a great journey so far, marriage and motherhood are really great institutions of learning.You get to change in character, sometimes culture and craftsmanship, it also calls for a re-orientation of your mind, and exchange of values ,principles and priorities for the greater good, the experience is really  a very sacrificial one ,yet very rewarding and sometimes it seems you are loosing yourself but it is for the greater good

You see the woman you are becoming will cost you, relationships,spaces,material possessions ,time,resources and all  but always choose her! PUT HER FIRST AGAINST ALL ODDS,YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!

On mothers day (may 17 2017) I was celebrated in a very unusual but pleasant way, and what that did for me was, reassure me that somehow  I am doing something right, so because I  found that very encouraging I want to encourage you too, mum, beautiful woman,blessed by God!

Sometimes it gets though  darling, but so are you. It’s a process in which you learn to master yourself, you may not be perfect yet but you are indeed complete,and unstoppable because no matter how good you get, you deserve better and the way to get better is first be thankful for where you are,realize you have everything to work hard to get to where you want to be, (as mum, wife, daughter, and most importantly as you in all your splendor at your fullest potential!

Always remember you are the queen, and so you must keep it together take care of yourself first then you can pull everything together, A mum they say is like a button ,she holds everything together.

Wow mum, you are wonderful!

Here’s to strong women who have learnt to embrace themselves in order to birth the woman they are becoming….May we know them,may we raise them and by all means may we be them!

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