Mothers Are Mini Gods’

 It was William Shakespeare  who said and i quote that “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children” so thats how i got the notion that mothers have to be mini Gods  and not mere mortals like everyone else…hmmmm i could not be more wrong.!…….

I was tired, weary, and so far behind . . . in pretty much everything. House, crafts, cooking, laundry, and love. Never enough and not good enough.

Here I was  ,neck deep in so much , with very young children at home.trying hard to make this season a memorable season for them, And I just couldn’t seem to pull it together.

So I hesitantly approached this seasoned mother about my mothers age, – the godly woman and lovely example that she was – to receive the admonition I was sure I deserved…..

But her actual words surprised me.

Gentleness. That’s what you need, dear mom, gentleness.

Her answer was so unexpected that I didn’t know quite what to make of it.

Then she softly explained, “God  gently leads those with young. If you’re a mom with young children, He desires gentleness for you.”

Isn’t that beautiful to know? That our God doesn’t want us running around until we drop. He doesn’t desire for us to take on more and more until we can hardly see straight. We were not meant to buckle up our little one in his car seat, unbuckle, and then buckle up again. Over and over. Running to this meeting and that appointment.  Pressures everywhere we turn.

Slow down, dear mom.  

Your God wants to lead you tenderly and carefully. He would never drag you around at a pace you can’t keep. He is a good Father who cares about you and recognizes the precious work you’re doing by loving your little ones.

This is not a season to take on more, but to live with less.

This is your Slow and Gentle Season, i found these tips most helpful

  • Reduce your social obligations (or increase them; it sometimes helps to get out of the house)
  • Take a sabbatical from meetings, committees, volunteering, etc.
  • Simplify the meals you make: basic, healthy, and nutritious is just fine
  • It is really ok to settle for tidy , rather than ultra-clean  for your home sometimes
  • Make it a high priority to get your rest
  • Stop to enjoy your children and motherhood.the other day i tried to carry my son in my lap and was amazed that he was too grown for that now, it seemed like  only yesterday he fit there so well all snuggled up!
  • Take time to get on the floor with your toddler with no other agenda than the sheer joy   of it
  • Quietly turn your heart toward God.

So if you’re feeling pushed around or pulled apart, then maybe . . . quite possibly . . . it’ s not God who is leading you.

But rather other things and other people. And they don’t need to determine your pace.

Only God.

with love from yours in motherhood

mimi dogo














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