Motherhood Is Warfare,Salute Ye Comrades

Hello Mum, and how do you do? How is motherhood for you?

So today, forgive me if  I sound like a preacher but permit me to say it as it is , motherhood is warfare plain and simple. Every mother must  be ready and alert,an  active soldier on duty with no retirement plan, no holidays, no time off,no sick leave or transfers, you are in active service for life, so esprit DE corps…  salute all ye comrades!

Now dear Dad,  Mum can not take your place even if she tries really hard,  you should therefore empower her to be her best by creating for her an enabling environment,your place and authority can not be and should not be compromised. However ,because the mother by design is built to carry and nurture ,no one has the vision a mother has for her child, God gives it to her and only her!Her intercession for your child under your leadership and authority is key and can not be overemphasized,we have several examples of special needs children that made history just because when the whole world gives up on a child, a mother believes against all odds and presses on

Need  I remind you Dad and mum,that the days are evil, you are daily in contest with peer pressure,social media, drugs, alcohol, sexual-ism,cultism and a whole lot more for the destiny of your child.Motherhood therefore is a constant warfare. Sometimes the opponent is you against yourself, other-times, it is against social norms society wants to play on your child with their deceit,but all the time the warfare can only be fought on your knees in prayer for them

Take heed therefore  to  be living examples worthy of emulation,practice what you preach and pray like their lives depend on it because it does!

pray with faith, believe in God and in yourself, (yes you have to learn to trust yourself because Nothing highlights your deficiencies like motherhood) and your children,pray with authority, as Africans we know that we strongly believe in the spoken word of a mother over the life of her child,and to do this you must connect with your child through close fellowship and empathy,then you will know and understand your child and correctly discern his or her prayer needs.let your prayers be genuine and heartfelt,be courageous to accept Gods will over yours.

When you pray for your children, you position them for blessing,you preserve their destiny you prolong your own life because you wont have to worry so much, pray non stop ,pray about everything its not even out of place to pray for your child’s future spouse,yes its that serious!

Onward soldier mum’s, no retreat ,no surrender victory is ours

yours in motherhood

Mimi Dogo




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