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Monday Motivation:Whatever You Find To Do,Do Well

3 February 2020 Blog

So I had reason to go to the hospital today , the Scary part was going into the lab to take blood samples in order to run some tests, gosh! I hate them needles and at what ever age they still give me the creeps

Well, bottom line is, A girls got to do what a girl is got to do right, so I summon me some courage and knock on the door of the laboratory. “come in please you beautiful creature God created, Whatever it is healing is yours,we will take care of you but God will heal” was what I heard from behind the door, the voice did not say but sang it. This is a scene from a movie right,I paused and took a look at the sign on the door again ,was I entering the wrong room? “come in please “said the singing voice again reassuringly, so I stepped in, A fine gentle man approached me with the warmest and kindest smile I had seen all day, God must have told him I was having a hard day..My name is John he continued. and if you just take a seat right here I will attend to you shortly. I was much calmer now and he continued to sing as he scrolled through the computer Behind his desk to see which test I was to run, The Doctor had sent them online ahead of me.

He got up and came to me still smiling , It will only be a minute and we are all done, just a prick , you are not scared are you? no reason to be, I am a scientist not a vampire, I smiled, aha that’s better he said wearing his gloves then he sat down, give me your hand, I stretched out my left hand, beautiful ring he commented, as he examined to find a vein…. most times, I get pricked many times before they find my vein, they are not pronounced, I explained,Not today Ma’am, he replied,no multiple pricks, He must have sensed my fear, now tell he continued, do you have kids and are they scared of needles?

Oh yes ,I do and they are , Plus I always tell them to be brave when we go to the doctors office, look at me now I said laughing at myself.

He took out the needle then asked me to make a fist, can you do me a favor? sure I replied, OK thanks, there is a test running for someone else, I must turn off the machine in exactly 2 minutes else the results will not be accurate, hold this timer and let me know when its time ,keep your eyes on the timer please.I nodded, when I rose my head to say its time I noticed my own blood flowing into the Sample bottle, wow! I had been so focused on the timer that I did not feel the needle, then I realized the timer thing was all a distraction

Yes Its time and you’re all done too he said removing the needle, again with that kind smile, it was not so bad was it? not bad at all, I replied and do you know what else, you have just given me hope that there are still a few good eggs in this Nation, you have inspired and encouraged me greatly , Thank you he said. just doing my Job, if I do my part, you do yours and they do theirs, there will be better days ahead. your results will be ready in an hour

Believe me I left the lab feeling better already. And more than that a seed was sown in my heart, please permit me to sow in your hearts today , what have your hands found to do, please do it well, a kind word, a smile, doing what you are paid to do without seeking favors ,just doing well what you find to do,taking up space in society,shinning your light, this will take us to a greater Nation, So help us God

What will you do today in order to bless a life, add value .change a negative mindset , start a move towards a greater Nation?


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