Monday Motivation; If You Can Not Take Their Advice, Do Not Take Their Criticism

Not everyone has the right to speak over your life and that is just a statement of fact period

Have you been mentored by someone in any way, is this person a role model, someone you can go to for advice if you needed some, have they lived worthy of emulation, have you seen them cope with their own struggles and overcome. Then it is safe to take their criticism otherwise ,Do not let anyone sit high and judge you out of envy and prejudice. They may not know your story, they do not know the things that you have had to deal with or are dealing with and so consequently ,they most definitely do not have enough information to pass sound judgement over you

Rise above all criticisms that are not constructive, have goals and plans, think big and focus on the greater good, no matter what never let it get to you, your good results will erase all criticisms but you must do what you have to do no matter the circumstances and irrespective of how you feel. The truth is you will never get much done if you only show up on days that you feel good inside, or on days when the world is cheering you. Learn to get up and show up no matter what. Be your own biggest fan and cheer leader

Have the mindset that if life did not give you what you want this time, chances are it is not because you do not deserve it . On the contrary it may be that it is because you deserve so much more and life may just be nudging you towards realizing that fact, When they say you can not do it, let that be all the more reason to do it again and again

Train your mind to see the good even in difficult situations, positivity is a choice you must make because your happiness is determined by the quality of your thoughts

Finally, always remember this unpopular truth, you can exercise your power to stand for what you believe in, stand for your truth, teach people how to treat you and that does not make you a bad person, you are still a kind,loving, genuine and considerate human being who values yourself and respects yourself enough to not allow yourself to be bullied into silence so much so that you become accepting of peoples disrespect and uncivil behaviours

Have a great week and stay motivated

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