Mission Sunday: Clergy Seeks Christian Missionaries

18 October 2020 National News News

As the world celebrates  Mission Sunday,  the Associate  Parish Priest of Holy Family Catholic Church, Life Camp, Reverend Father Joseph Nowonga, has called on Nigerian Christians to be missionaries in their immediate environment and communities.

Father Joseph Nowonga made the call today, in his homily  to  celebrate Mission Sunday.

World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual appeal so the life-giving work of missionaries can continue.

During this time, all parishes worldwide offer Mass collections and donations to aid the work of missionaries and mission overseas.

The Reverend Father   observed that the challenge for Christians was  the ability  to realise that mission is not  so  for only  missionaries in other parts of the world.

“But  mission is about our own country, our own parish and our own family. As baptised Christians mission is part of our DNA.”

According to him, “As baptised Christians part of our mission in life is to spread the faith. this task has been entrusted to each one of us regardless of our job or situation. In fact it has been entrusted to us in our job and in our situation. “he said.

‘It is not just for Priests, Nuns or others to do, but it is part of each person’s calling as a Christian,  If we don’t do it, it is we ourselves who are the primary losers. God’s plans will ultimately still be achieved in another way, but we will have refused our co-operation with his plans.”the Father observed.

“That may be the reason why we are so reluctant to get involved in spreading the faith , in today’s world modern society doesn’t seem to value the faith; and there doesn’t seem to be any worldly gain for those who try to spread the Gospel.” he lamented.

Father Norwonga says,  “God’s power is not based on authority but on love, and in this life love is proved in suffering and service. As such, by uniting our own sufferings to those of Jesus, and through him by offering up our sufferings and our service to God, we unite ourselves with the mission of Jesus Christ.”

The Associate  Parish Priest noted that as Christians  each persons lives should have the desire  to make Jesus known.

“Our actions and our prayers, in this regard, will never be unwelcome when we act, not out of power or authority, but out of love. “

“Let us be confident, then, in approaching the throne of grace, that we shall have mercy from him and find grace when we are in need of help.” he said.

Father Joseph Nowonga, also offered  prayers for Gods goodness and mercy in the country and the faith . 

World Mission Sunday takes place in every parish where the Church is present. Including, not only across Ireland and Europe, but also in poorer parishes in the developing world.




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