Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, Dedicates 54th Birthday To Afflicted Persons

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung, is a year older and dedicates his new age to socially afflicted persons in the world.

Solomon Dalung, Minister for Youth And Sports, is 54 today and wrote a touching epistle on Facebook to mark the day and say what he’s thankful for.

The former lecturer of Law, University of Jos, has had a full career in public service. He started working in 1982 as a Prison Assistant then rose to the rank of Assistant Inspector of Prisons. In 2007 he became the Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Area, Plateau state and also served as the Plateau State Chairman of the Association of Local Government Chairmen of Nigeria (ALGON).

With these accomplishments and more, it’s no wonder the Minister said, “It’s been a worth while journey of sorrow, joy, hardships and successes”.

‘Igbarman O’Tarok’ as he’s known by his people, the Tarok Nation of Langtang LGA, Plateau State, is a huge advocate for the lesser man. He speaks for the marginalised so this dedication doesn’t come as a surprise.

Below is the full text of the Solomon Dalung’s Facebook Post;

Today is the anniversary of my arrival on this planet. A day so unique as it opened the pages of the hard cover note book of life. At at turn of events myself assessment indices revealed satisfaction, simply because life is a school where you do not stop learning until you graduate into the grave.

Five decades and about half of existence cannot be that easy, however, the eating of the pudding is in the making. I am grateful that I had to define myself earlier and had to pursue things by such standards. I am hedonistic, meaning I pursue things that gives me pleasure but refrain from those that create pains. As you make your bed so shall you lay on it. Navigating these years has not been quite comfortable however, what is significant depends largely on how turbulence had been managed. Therefore, I reflect on the journey with optimism that despite all odds, I am inspired by hope today’s situation is transition.

I am dedicating this anniversary to peoples afflicted with all forms of man made social afflictions, ranging from conflict, hunger, poverty, displacement as result of either crisis or natural disasters. I stand with them in their situations and call on mankind to be fair to them. We must not be in their situations to feel their pains, nonetheless, it is imperative to place ourselves in their situations knowing that nothing in life in constant. We must identify with their predicaments, help if we are in the position and if not share it with them. The percentage of orphans in crises infected areas especially the Northern part of Nigeria is pathetic. Worst still are those both parents are no more, while some are too young to identify their native communities. This situation is not only pathetic but mind frightening. We must see this as challenges to peace and social stability, more so that ours is a community based society. Even if they are provided with all comforts of life, they will be members of what community?

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Peace is a scarce community, it is only value in its absence. Humanity may gamble with many values but certainly not peace. Only communities that travel the turbulent way appreciates the importance of peace to social existence. Let’s collectively work for peace while embracing justice bearing in mind that peace is not a good neighbour of injustice. As we strive to archive national harmony, there must be respect of our diversities by all. It is normal to disagree but unhealthy to exaggerate our differences. If we create space for love in our lives, it will be easy to live peacefully with all.

I thank God for His mercies, love and kindness for seeing me through all these years. Some of my age mates, I can reflect with pains passed on long ago, that I am seeing this anniversary is joy to me. While thanking my friends,I am sincerely grateful to my opponents without whom I will have not archived anything. In their zeal to bring me down, they built steps for hard work and caution. Their negative contributions significantly kept me vigilantly on my toes. I wish them well even though they may not wish me same.

I believe in Nigeria and pray that God will continue to grant us peace, love, unity, justice and equity. God bless Nigeria.

Happy Birthday Barrister Solomon Dalung aka Igbarman O’Tarok

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