Soname Ladun Mayowa


Soname Ladun Mayowa

Soname Ladun Mayowa aka Mayor is an On Air Personality (OAP) at Kapital Fm 92.9 born on the 30th of April studied English Language  at the University of Ilorin. She joined KapitalFM as a News Reader over a decade ago and have since then handled challenging jobs as MC, voice-over-artist.

Mayowa loves philanthropy and charity and aside from her role as a  renowned broadcaster has carried out several charity work/events.

Outside the studio, she is known as  the ‘Preacher’! She likes eating rice with salad , watches movies to relax. Her idea of fashion sense is stylish and classy.

Mayowa will always say: “keeping less secrets makes life easier.”

Email ID : [email protected] 
Instagram : @mayosoname

Soname Ladun Mayowa,