Meet The Bird That “Moonwalks” To Impress The Ladies!

 When looking for a mate, the male red-capped Manakin snaps his wings and dances on a branch to catch a female’s eye!

It perch alone and quiet, and makes sudden flights to capture its food. It can  catch fruits in flight, or if possible directly from the perch.

Insects are usually caught in flight, occasionally in mixed-species flocks from ant groups


As in other species of Pipra, male Red-capped Manakins display at leks (courtship assemblies); leks of Red-capped Manakins may include up to five males (Skutch 1949). Male Red-capped Manakins perform from a display perch that they choose for the entire breeding season. This is typically a straight, slender, and horizontal branch that is free of foliage and in an open area that is unobstructed by surrounding vegetation (Skutch 1949).

There are four displays that are commonly made during courtship. The first one is the about-face, in which the male pivots back and forth and reveals the yellow “thighs”. The backward slide is where the male moves backward along its display perch in a way that resembles a sliding or gliding movement. The male also displays by darting back and forth between his perch and the surrounding vegetation, snapping the wings each time he leaves the perch. The fourth display is a circling flight in which the male flies around several meters away and then returns to his perch (Skutch 1949).      

Wow! If this bird will go through this trouble to charm a lady. why wont thou o man?!


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