Me And My Big Mouth!

Many people have been victims of their mouth because they allowed their mouths run faster than them!, I always laugh out loud when ever i remember an incident that happened when i was a child,we had this class bully who would brag so much about how strong  he was and everyone was so scared of him.One day my friend and  I had enough and decided it was time to stand up to him, Now here was me (little as I was back then)and my friend who was no bigger than me  preparing to stand up to the must feared bully in the school, no one dared him then,even the teachers were weary of him because sadly,he was an only child whom the parents adored and would not hear of him being punished, they did not even believe that their only son who was such a sweet little boy  at home was a bully at school.

So what gave my friend and I the  confidence to do such a brave and noble thing?..I will tell you.

We realized that no one had actually seen him do all the things he bragged about,yet we all believed his stories which made us all fear him so we too decided to tell our own stories. We came to class one day armed with a plan, it happened to be sports day we strategically located ourselves in the same team and managed to make him trip and fall  and also “mistakenly’ landed on him and everyone saw it 

The next day we went out of our way to spread the word on how we beat the bully, threw him on the floor and sat on him,you can be sure we took time to paint a pretty picture and spice up the story! now do not forget,we actually had an edge over him, our words were more potent ,we had evidence,people saw it happen,soon it was all over the school, the almighty school bully was beaten and not even by a boy, but some tiny frail looking girls oh! that was too much he could not stand it, he cried like a baby as everyone was giggling and pointing at him where ever he passed!that was a real lesson to learn right there

Even today is the mouth is still responsible for so many problems in our individual lives,in homes,offices,nations and the world.When one learns  how to train the mouth to speak  kind and positive words that will make one overcomes in this life. people,homes,and Nations will be healed.

Let us all learn to be masters of our mouths and when we speak let it be true, kind and peaceful.


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