Mathematics Professor Seeks Intervention Funds For Innovation Hubs In Nigeria

The Federal Government has been urged to allocate more funds to the educational sector to develop science and technology innovations.

The former Director General National Mathematical Center, Professor Sam Ale made the call in an interview with radio Nigeria in Abuja.

former Director General National Mathematical Center, Professor Sam Ale

” UNESCO advised all countries to allocate Twenty five percent of their budget to education stressed that it would go a long way in addressing the nation’s economic challenges.”

He appealed to government to provide intervention funds for innovation hubs across the six geo-political zones of the country.

According to him,” Science and technology remained key instrument for the realisation of the National Economic Recovery and Growth Plans, to grow the economy from a resource-based to a knowledge-driven economy.”

He said it is time for the government to encourage young Nigerians who are doing incredibly well in the aspect of science and technology.

Ale who is a professor of Mathematics said, with science and technology the country has found its weapon to fight hunger, diseases, illiteracy and underdevelopment.

He said: “If we remain focused and determined, we could utilise the power of science and technology to become the technological leader in Africa, and play a leading role in the global battle against poverty and illiteracy.”

Professor Ale explained that with proper budgetary allocation to the sector young Nigerian scientists would be able to create technologies to address the security challenges confronting the nation.

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