Making Mondays Count;The Choices You Make Defeat Monday Morning Blues

 This article I came across from is so apt that I could not help but share it with you.If like me you have had your fair share of Monday blues, by all means read this

Can you image 52 Mondays per year and how many of those Monday’s do you enjoy?  Shocking  number you will agree.   It is a shame we waste a whole day, surely we need to change our relationship with Monday and start loving it

 Everything in our life boils down to our thoughts, our intention, or choice. 

Therefore, lets make Monday a friend and not an enemy. Let us change our relationship with Monday.     Let us make Monday count, image how many hours we lose on Monday when we struggle with the Monday blues.  

We in fact may lose several Monday’s  a year.  That is, a lot of lost time over a year, over a life time.     If we see what ever we do as an expression of our personality, then may be Monday will be a nice day each and every week of each and every year.

So, what are you going to do to make Monday count?

You may implement an evening routine that gets you ready to get going on a Monday.    Coach yourself to like Monday using gratitude and affirmation.  Make Monday count by creating a few goals you want to achieve every Monday. have predetermined small but highly effective baby steps to loving Monday.

What are you going to do to change your equation with Monday? Or perhaps you have even overcome the blues and Monday’s are now your best day of the week .Please share with us your secrets.

Good Luck

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