Lock Down Extension- Mental Distancing Strongly Recommended

Social distancing is not enough ,protect yourself mentally from fake news too, call it “mental distancing”

There is so much news going around online at this time. Some of it true, and others pure fragments of our imagination, some people have resorted to search for old videos with gory images to tell horrifying stories with and all of this to what end?

 It is also crazy what people will believe, their level of exposure or education notwithstanding There is enough fear, anxiety and depression about the pandemic as it is .If we must spread news how about good news something positive to give hope? For instance did you know that there are still countries that are yet to record even one case from the virus so far, according to Aljazeera news on April 2ND 2020 ,South Sudan, North korea, Tajikstan, are still free, better yet there have been lots of recovered cases  recorded in Nigeria already

We need to protect ourselves not just from the virus but also from fake news that promotes anxiety, fear and leads to depression which in its self is life threatening

In  another news recently , the dreaded 5G  was said to be  are  in Nigeria and the fact that the technology is also supposedly liked with  the cause of the virus had everyone (myself inclusive) very concerned Without knowing the facts, so much information has gone round. However, the  press statement released by the honorable minister of communications and digital economy  , Dr Isa Ibrahim(Pantam) dated 4th April 2020 was timely amidst several speculations and horrific videos that were already going viral . The statement provided categorically that no license had been issued for 5G networks in Nigeria

Many more stories will reach you at this time, you owe yourself the duty to filter out facts from fallacies and also protect your loved ones from the danger that comes with spreading fake news, do not share the videos, do not forward the messages unless you can prove the facts.as of now I believe the WHO has made it very easy to get credible information from them   on any concerns one may have about the pandemic. My candid advice is you already know the much you need to know, going out of your way to seek out too much information may be doing you more harm than good

Let’s stay positive and prayerful. Your duty to self and society is to protect yourself and loved ones from the virus by doing the needful, and by all means protect yourself from the destructive power of receiving and spreading fake news too.

By God’s grace, this too shall pass God bless and Good luck

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COVID-19 is Real! Wear your masks always & wash your hands, too.