Life Does Not Come With A Manual, It Comes With A Mother!

“Mother” represents nature’s ability to regenerate or recycle herself. just as vultures sustain their lives by eating the dead carcasses of animals, she creates life out of death.

When God created the woman to be able to carry a baby to term and to deliver that baby, he gave her extraordinary capabilities. He built her so that she could do what He had designed her to do.

The woman was designed to be able to gestate…to conceive, carry a baby to term, and bring forth this new life into the world. Now,  that also includes the ability to nurture and means she is also equipped with wisdom to guide, counsel, correct reproof and develop

God’s design for the woman as life-giver goes beyond her physical abilities. It permeates her entire makeup as a female. Therefore when Mother says she knows best, She is only stating the fact.

Growing up my mother always ended my unending question and answer session with “Because Mother Knows Best”…that kept me quiet ,but not for long.I was a really inquisitive kid. but this phrase lingered in my head,now  That I am a Mother too and I know she was right

listen to me Mother, you are the operating manual for all the life that you have birth, concerning your children you have the keys, the vision, the understanding and the grace of God upon your life to do and to be, please take it seriously

The woman is gifted with many creative abilities that can assist her loved ones, herself, and the  entire universe!. It is in these gifting that she imitates her creator,that she lives her purpose, she becomes the operating manual for life itself.

Mother, know thyself, Know thy God and Fulfill Your purpose!

Good luck.

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