Lewis Capaldi: I Don’t Think I’m A Pop Star

6 May 2019 Entertainment

For a man with the biggest sad song of the year, some of Lewis Capaldi’s social media posts have been among the funniest.

There was the time when the Scots singer-songwriter – who topped the charts for seven weeks with Someone You Loved – filmed himself walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard in search of a plunger after having blocked his own hotel toilet.

Then the one where he described his Brit Awards Critics’ Choice nomination as, ahem, “one for the Tinder” profile.

And who could forget the 22-year-old posting footage of himself singing opera in the shower in a pair of daft sunglasses, before declaring deadpan into the camera: “I wish to be taken seriously as an artist.”

Now, his forthcoming debut album, Divinely Uninspired to Hellish Extent, may have a similarly droll title, but don’t be fooled. Contained within is an emotional rollercoaster of a pop record; piano-driven and packed with power ballads about breakups, heartache and insecurity.

How then does one begin to reconcile Lewis, the perennial joker, with Capaldi, the serious chart-topping recording artist?

“No-one is in one mood all the time, d’ya know what I mean?” he says from the exec suite of his west London hotel (which incidentally is also experiencing plumbing issues today).

“Sometimes I want to talk about plunging a toilet; other times I have thoughts and feelings.

“It just so happens that writing songs about my emotions is much easier to do than writing about going to the toilet.”

“One of them is much more listenable,” he adds, with comic timing.

Capaldi is talking to the BBC at the start of a day of press which will later include a magazine interview conducted while throwing axes.

He’s game for most things it seems, except that is being constantly labelled by the music press as “the male Adele” or “the Scottish Ed Sheeran” (“I’ll stick with just Lewis,” he says).

When it comes to songwriting though, the light-hearted soul – as anyone who saw his Napolean Dynamite/Alan Partridge-inspired pole dancing stripper video for lead single, Grace, will testify – finds he’s naturally drawn to the darkness.

He’s learning to embrace it though.


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