LATEST: George Weah Presidential Twitter Account Activated

Has George Weah won the October 11th 2017 Liberian election? One of the strongest evidence is from twitter, as he currently number one on the Twitter trend and with an officially activated account.

This account was set up in the early hours of October 12th and even though the election results were on Wednesday delayed by several glitches at several polling stations with one place encountering disturbances from a politician who compromised the election outcome, according to the NEC.
Many congratulatory messages have flooded the internet space congratulating George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah.

Africa’s Liberia has continued to blaze the trail in their political atmosphere. It is the only country that has the record of a woman-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. And even though her vice president contested the October 11th election, records are showing Ex footballer, now Senator George Weah has a clear lead in the results. George Weah is also the Only African player to win World Best footballer of the year (Ballon d’Or). Having played for Chelsea and Manchester City in his international football days.

Below is a press release from Liberia’s NEC as obtained from


National Elections Commission

Regular press conference

October 11, 2017

The National Elections Commission would like to sincerely thank all voters for their patience and commitment to the electoral process demonstrated yesterday.

The large queues, and at times longer than expected processing times in polling places, were unfortunate and the National Elections Commission apologises to voters for the long waiting times in some places. At the same time I would like to acknowledge the efforts of polling staff that worked tirelessly through the day and night.

There were some incidents of late opening of polling places. These however, have not led to any major obstacles and voters have all voted according to the law. The issues with checking names on the printed voter register were also resolved and all registered voters that queued before 18:00 hours were permitted to vote.

There was also an incident at one precinct in district #4, Nimba County. The elections materials for this precinct, #33019, containing four polling stations, were delivered to, and signed for by Electoral Supervisor, Prince Bollie, but for some reason(s) only three polling places were set up and not four as should have been the case.

Following a disruption of the voting process at the precinct, allegedly incited by a local politician, Mr. Rufus Zerlee, a candidate for the House of Representatives of the Coalition for Liberia’s Progress, CLP, the voting was compromised in the precinct according to the information we have received. The National Elections Commission has launched an inquiry and made a decision to quarantine the materials from the precinct. Polling will be rescheduled in this precinct shortly.

At the various polling places, counting continued throughout the night. Election observers from national organisations and the international community closely observed this process. Political party agents were also watching the process and scrutinising all stages. The electoral process is not, however, over yet. Voting and counting have ended and results sheets posted at polling places. The results are now being transported to tally centres ready for aggregation.

Political parties and others that have a stake in this process are reminded that the National Elections Commission is the only institution in this country that has the powers to release the official results of national elections. We call on all political parties and candidates as well as voters to wait patiently for their release. It is not expected the National Elections Commission will be in a position to start to release provisional results today. We are hoping by tomorrow we can start this process.

As soon as the National Elections Commission is in a position to update the public it shall release further statements.

The 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or winner, is set to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in a contest that completes the country’s first democratic transition of power in more than 70 years.

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