Lamar Odom Talks Cocain Addiction, Khloe Kardashian In Revealing Interview

Lamar Odom talks about his addiction to cocaine, loosing his infant son and his former wife, Khloe Kardashian, in new interview with The Players’ Tribune.

Lamar Odom, retired pro Basketball player has opened up about his cocaine addiction and how waking up in the hospital after a 4-day coma left him helpless and thinking about his life. The former Lakers player said when the doctor said, “Mr. Odom, you’ve been in a coma for the last four days. Do you understand?” he just couldn’t talk.

It’s a miracle that you’re here. We didn’t think you were going to make it,” said the doctor.

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In the Interview granted to The Players’ Tribune he said being helpless in that hospital bed made him remember something his late grandmother used to tell him.

“What’s done in the dark will come out in the light.”

He also talked about how much he hurt his former wife, Khloe, and how she walked in on him doing coke with another woman.

Speaking about his son, he says he was out instead of being home when he received a call from his baby’s mother. She was panicking and he said, “Yo, calm down. What’s wrong?”

And she said, “Jayden … he won’t wake up.”

All these and much more are revealed in this interview tagged Done In The Dark.

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