Kogi Residents Lament, As Flood Wreck Havoc In Lokoja

As flood continues to wreck havoc on residents of Lokoja the Kogi state capital, motorists plying Ganaja junction to Ganaja village are decrying the hardship being experienced on parts of the road apparently blocked by the flood.

This is the only road linking the east to the north through Lokoja

 They made their position known while speaking with Radio Nigeria in Lokoja.

The motorists including  bikes and tricycles have  expressed regret that the flood was making the road impassable as it was in two thousand and twelve.

They wondered why the flood had become a recurring decimal without a permanent solution.

The motorists called on the Kogi state government to expedite action on the rehabilitation of alternative road from nyama nyama to five hundred housing units as  palliative measures to cushion the effects on motorists.

By: Alfa Yakubu/Kogi


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