Kapital kids Corner;Why The Tortoise Has Cracks On Its Shell

Many years ago, there was a great famine in the animal kingdom and all the Animals were starving , the Animals had a meeting to deliberate on what they should do in order that they may not all starve to death,so the crow was nominated and sent t to fly far in search of food and return to bring them all along when it had found food

The crow returned after a few days carrying fresh fruit in its beak, as a sign of its good fortune .It informed the animals that It had met a very kind king in a kingdom up in the sky who fed and accommodated him, He added that on hearing their plight ,the said king was moved with sympathy and had sent him to return and invite them all to a feast up in the sky

It was agreed that all the animals that could fly would carry the other animals on their backs and so they all arrived at the feast in the sky to a very warm welcome by the king who greeted them and asked them all to introduce themselves, when it was the turn of the tortoise It said, “My name is all of you”

So it was that when all the animals were done with introductions, the king declared that it was time to eat, This food is for all of you he said, please feel at home but kindly excuse me as I have to leave now to attend to kingdom matters. No longer had the king turned his back when the tortoise pounced on the food and ate it all up stating that the king said this food is for” all of you”, And since that is my name, I get to eat it all alone

The animals were very furious and all left to continue their search for food, when the tortoise noticed this and realized it could not fly back to the Animal kingdom as it had no wings,It ran up to the eagle and pleaded “please let me fly on your back”

The Eagle saw this as an opportunity to teach the tortoise a lesson for being so selfish and greedy, very well then said the Eagle, hop on my back,But as the tortoise made Its way to mount the eagles back,The eagle took a step forward causing the tortoise to fall down all the way from the sky ,landing on his its back and cracking its shell

Even today ,you will find the tortoise with Its shell all cracked because of this

Moral;Did you learn something from this story?

It does not pay to be selfish and greedy

New Words;How about asking Mum or Dad to help you with new words from the story, Do you know what they mean?Find out and improve your Vocabulary. Here are a few: Sympathy,Deliberate,Nominate, Accommodate,Fortune,Kingdom,Famine

Take good care of you, wash your hands,stay home and stay safe

Have a pleasant weekend

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