Kapital Kids Corner;The Story Of The Fearless Rabbit

There once lived a very smart  and fearless Rabbit called Reuben. One hot sunny day Reuben the Rabbit was really hungry and he did not have any food left except 2 coins he had saved in his piggy bank, I wonder if these coins will fetch me some food he thought, So he went to a shop nearby and asked the owner, May I have some carrots for these coins please

The shop owner looked at the coins,they were not worth even a quarter of a carrot so he simply told the rabbit”No we do not have carrots please go away”

The rabbit let him attend to the next customer then came back again..May I have the carrots now please ? Again the shop owner replied “we do not have carrots”

The rabbit was very determined, he knew the carrots were available and he was hoping the shop owner will have some compassion.besides he was extremely hungry and by now his tummy had begun to rumble so for a third time he approached the shop owner, Please sell me some carrots for these 2 coins

The shop owner now furious replied angrily ,”Itold you we do not have carrots please go way and do not come back else I will run a nail into your head with a hammer”  

The rabbit turned away,but turned back again, one more thing please .What now replied the very frustrated shop owner, so the rabbit asked ” Do you have nails ”No ” was the reply and what about Hammers, No,no,no said the shop owner hitting his fits on the table with rage.But the fearless rabbit was not discouraged, It calmly said then please give me the carrots ,I can see them in the vegetable self right behind the counter

The shop owner was so angry he picked up a bunch of carrots and threw it at the rabbit without even bothering to collect the coins, now take these and go away, The rabbit  thanked him and left happily nibbling on the carrots

Moral;Never let anything or anyone scare you away from pursuing your dreams, when you are determined  ,Even though you may not have all it takes,you will win against all odds, because you have the right attitude.Fear not

Did you learn new words? Would you ask Mum and Dad to help you find them in the dictionary

Have a good weekend,Be good children and stay safe

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