Kapital Kids Corner: The Story Of The Kind Little Girl called Binta

Do you know that it is very good to be kind to one another, .  Binta  got the recognition of the village King  and a fortune for her family because of her kindness. Read the story and learn the lessons, you may even learn new words to improve your vocabulary, ask Mum and Dad to help you with the new words.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Binta and she was very kind . She loved to help her mum with chores and she was kind to everyone she met. One day as she was playing outside . her  mum called her and told to get some firewood from behind the house  so they could cook dinner, Binta was good natured, though she was disappointed that she had to discontinue her game, she did not grumble or complain, she left her friends and went to do as she was told.

There was a footpath behind their house, close to the big tree underneath which her father had pilled some firewood he had chopped earlier. when she got there to pick the firewood she met a woman walking along the path close to the tree It looked like she had been travelling for days , Binta greeted the woman, her mother had always taught her to greet her elders. The woman greeted her too, Then she asked Binta for a drink of water.

Binta took the firewood to her  mum and told her about the woman ,She always sought her mums permission before she did anything. she returned with her mum and a cup of water for the woman 

The woman was really grateful for the water she thanked Binta and her mum profusely

Binta wanted to know who the woman was and where she was coming from and before her mum could stop her she asked  her mother if the woman could stay a while with them a and rest before continuing with her journey. The woman smiled and said to Binta’s mother “your daughter is a very kind girl” . I am  actually on a mission to find my long lost brother  she continued, we were separated during the  communal clash between a neighboring village many years ago I fled to my maternal village with my mother  while my brother  stayed back with our father .I  was really young at the time but with the information I  gathered from our mom  before she passed away recently I was  able to find my way to this village.I really do not know where to start .your daughter must have read my thoughts when she  asked you if  I could stay , It is nearly nightfall  so I  really need place to to rest today and  I am also totally exhausted from walking for days

Binta’s mum let the woman stay  .The next morning  Binta and her parents took the woman to the Kings palace. It was their custom in that village that anyone who was harboring a stranger must  make it known to the King as many spies had come into the village  in the past .As it turned out, the King was the brother of this woman, the same one she had come to seek and they recognized each other immediately because of a mark their father had put on their heads when they had to part ways during the crisis many years ago.

After they were able to fight and win the battle with the neighboring village, their father was rewarded the throne for his bravery and after his demise her brother became King

Their joy knew no bounds, The siblings embraced as they reunited after so long  and there was a great feast which became an annual celebration to mark the day the king and his sister got reunited, everyone gathered at the village square  singing and  dancing, there were drummers and people playing trumpet’s and singers, it was indeed a great feast. There was a lot to eat and drink too

When the woman told her brother the King  of Binta’s kindness, the King rewarded Binta and her family with a great fortune and also made her father a member of the council of elders .

They have continued to enjoy that recognition  and the kings favor till this day  all because of ‘Binta’s kindness

The end

Did you enjoy the story? What lessons did you  learn, How about new words?

Remember to ask Mum and Dad to help you with new words

Happy weekend

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