Kapital kids Corner; Jimmy’s First Day At School

Jimmy had just turned 5 and was starting school.He was frightened. He had never been to school before .Jimmy did not know what to expect and he did not want to leave home by himself .Jimmy’s Mom told him not to be afraid as she walked him to his bus stop to join the school bus ,She told him he would make new friends and have lots of fun

Jimmy was being brave as he got on the bus and sat down .He found a seat by the window and waved to his Mom as the bus drove away.

what will his teacher be like he thought, will he make new friends , will the other kids be nice to him and will he really have lots of fun as his mother had told him.

He was jolted back from his thoughts as the bus made a stop and he alighted to a kind looking middle aged woman with a pleasant smile holding out a card with his name on it

Hello there , you must be Jimmy she said,I am miss jenny your new teacher, come with me. Jimmy took her hand as she led him to his class, there was a grand welcome for him, flowers on his desk and Miss Jenny and the other kids sang a welcome song to him after they were all introduced. He liked Cobby already and they instantly became friends . He seemed nice and jimmy was glad he was sitting next to him

Circle time was even more fun with more singing, then Miss Jenny gave them snacks and they painted pictures, later on they did some creative art and Jimmy made a scrap book .He could hardly wait to go home and show it to his mother

It was not so bad he thought to himself, or better yet it was not bad at all, I even enjoyed it I am so glad I faced my fears.

Moral:If we all learn to face our fears ,we can achieve great things

Did you enjoy the story? Did you learn new words?What did you learn? What was your first day at school like? Do you like your teacher?Do you miss your friends at school now that schools are closed because of the pandemic?

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