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It Is Not what Was Said , It Is How They Responded

26 February 2020 Uncategorized

I recall an incident that occurred way back in primary school, a bully pushed a tiny classmate challenging her to a fight after school, she staggered and fell forward and the rest of the class roared in laughter my class was next door and my teacher on hearing the noise suspected their teacher must have stepped out so she excused herself to check on them, she returned a few minutes later with this fragile looking girl who would not stop crying, then my teacher announced the girl will be joining our class and she would be my new seatmate, she then asked us all to welcome her . we had a special song she had taught us for new students ,as we sang, the Tears turned into a weak smile and then we took turns to hug her, soon she was singing along with us and beaming with smiles

As time went on we became not just seat mates but best friends, and one day when we discussed the incident that brought her to our class, she told me this. “see,its not what he did, its how everyone laughed when I fell that is why I cried” This statement has stayed with me

How many times have we been accomplices to “bullying” in different context? Do we know that our response or laughter like in the story above is what fuels the bullies energy and hurts the victim?

Imagine what would have happened if the entire class stood up to the bully that day in the little girls defense, but no they laughed instead.

Imagine having some genuinely positive thing to say about someone when the rest of the group is speaking ill of them, it would save the persons image and change the mindset of the group

Imagine coming together to help accident victims instead of recording with our phones to show and tell like we see people do these days while lives are sometimes lost.There are many examples to ponder.

This is a call to duty, today is ash Wednesday,which marks the beginning of the Lenten season, not all of us may be catholic, but all of us can benefit from acts of kindness, from the decision to do right and be right

verily I say to you , you may not be the gossip but if you listen to and help spread the rumors you are just as guilty, you may not be the bully but if you laugh at the victim you are just as guilty,you may not be the cheat, but if you reap from the proceeds you are just as guilty

Similarly, you may not take the fall on behalf of the people. but you can change lives positively with your acts of kindness , the way you choose to respond to them in different situations, how sensitive you are to the needs , feelings or emotions of others.

Think on these things, and be a force for positive change.Yes ,we can

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