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It All Depends On Whose Hands Its In,What Do You Have In Your Hands

2 May 2018 Blog News

A football in my hands is just a ball, but in the hands  of  Messi or Ronaldo well thats a whole different ball game, it not just worth winning goals but also breathtaking sums of  hard currency, similarly, Surgical equipment in my hands  may be dangerous, I can not use them, if i try I may hurt myself or hurt someone else, but in the hands of a professional surgeon, they become instruments with which to save lives .

Again a gun in the hand of a criminal is a weapon of destruction of lives and property, but in the hands of a law enforcement agent ,its  a  tool with which to protect lives and property so you see it all depends on whose hands its in.

What do you have in your hands, power, money,time,or talent? would God say he was right to put it in your hands or would he say its in the wrong hands…hmmm,food for thought

Let me put it this way, Do you know that that thing you have in your hands,that you are not putting to good use is the exact thing some else is praying for daily, and if the opportunity comes for it to be taken from your hands and put in their hands, they will so put it to good use that you will be filled with wonder, regret and amazement.!

So this is what i am saying, put to good use what you have in your hands and it will yield you an increase, if you have power in your hands lead well, if you have money in your hands,empower the people, if you have talent ,be a blessing,teach and replicate yourself, and my brother and sister, if God put a voters card in your hand ,By all means use it wisely, I’m just saying.

Again , It is possible that you may have something in your hands and yet not know, is it not true that some people are standing on a goldmine and do not realize it until the day they step away and someone else discovers it?  So permit me to ask, do you know what you have in your hands? Find it and use it well


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