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Is Money The True Measure For Success;9 Alternative and Liberating Success Traits To Consider

15 October 2020 Blog

For most people in todays world, Money is the first thing, and sometimes  even the only thing that defines success .Sometimes money can even buy a happy  life or so it seems . So sadly money has become the first common goal for everybody.

This post was inspired by the  slogan on the wall of a popular shopping mall  I visited recently, It read “Whoever says money can not buy happiness does not know where to shop” Funny ,but is it not true that this is a reflection of our reasoning sometimes

What Does Success Mean to You?

consider all of your qualities, not just those related to money and financial matters. now answer sincerely ,which ones make you feel most successful? I’m certain that every now and then you wonder whether money is the only measure of success. There may have been times too when you played your “Joker” sealed that business deal and banked loads of money but still felt so much emptiness. If this is true, Please read on

Here is a list containing suggestions for other success traits and values you may wish to consider:

  • Discipline of mind, mouth and body
  • Social responsibility by giving back and contributing to society
  • Being a good parent, neighbor, and friend, a role model
  • Transforming other lives positively by giving to charity, in both formal and informal ways. 
  • Volunteering  for community service
  • Practicing persistent and honest hard work
  • Working out and physical fitness
  • Continuing to learn ,because knowledge is power
  • Enjoying  the simple things of life like design, art, stopping to smell the roses and creativity

I’m sure this  list can go on and on

Do you over emphasize financial success? Do you believe money can buy happiness? Should money be the only measure of success for you?

 Let this be some food for thought, How do you define success . Ask yourself if it’s helpful. Answer sincerely and   if it is not then is time to consider other values, make a list and figure it out

Good Luck


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