IWDay: Wanda Adu Foundation Celebrates Women, Encourages Self-Esteem

On the momentous International Women’s Day, when everyone stops to celebrate women all over the world, the Wanda Adu Foundation (WAF) recognised the contributions of women from all timelines and walks of life and their contributions to the universal growth and empowerment of women globally.

Women like Cleopatra, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey and our own Chimamanda Adichie, Folorunsho Alakija, Joke Silva and countless others have made a mark in history for their tenacity and boldness when the odds weren’t in their favour.
International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated every 8th day of March, a date which was adopted in 1913, and it celebrates social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The theme for 2017 is #BeBoldForChange which challenges everyone to work on forging a better and more inclusive work environment and a gender equal world.
In their own little way, the Wanda Adu Foundation (WAF), which is an NGO with the goal of giving marginalised, displaced and disabled women a voice in society, had a program to promote self care and improve self-esteem after a traumatic experience. There was time for the ladies present to Network, an exercise to break the ice as well as make new friends, and Sam Oye, a global leader and relationship coach, gave the talk on self esteem and how to regain it when lost.

Never allow someone else’s opinion become your reality” – Sam Oye

He encouraged women to be their own personal motivators by speaking who they believe they are. “What you say about yourself affects how you feel about yourself”.
The ‘Wanda’ Woman, Wanda Ebe, the President of the foundation, explained why and how she got inspired to start the Wanda Adu Foundation.
This vision was borne out of personal experiences and the passion is enormous.

Wanda was abused between age 5 and 9. She had rape incidents growing up and even faced worse as an adult, but just when she started to feel like her life had come to an end she was able to come out of it. “In the midst of trauma, you can come out of it”. And she says it was a conscious decision to step out of the funk.

Begin by doing things that used to make you happy”, she says.” Happiness is a personal decision. Make up your mind to heal.
There were testimonies from WAF beneficiaries. Favour who is undergoing cosmetology training appreciated WAF and Sam Oye Ministries. Ms Shipi was full of appreciation for the Wanda Adu Foundation saying, “I’ve gotten my self-esteem”.
What are you doing to better yours and the lives of women around and those coming behind?
#BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay #IWD

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