Intelligence Is The Best Kind Of Beautiful, Ladies Cover Your Bodies, Load Your Brain

We are surrounded with beautiful girls. They seem to have it all: shiny long hair, skinny legs, flawless skin, etc. They have perfect bodies and faces and for ages it had been all they were asked for. Is this the kind of cliche we want ? Should a girl aim for a plastic’s idea of perfection?

I feel this is just sad because this means falling into a shallow perspective of what it is to be a girl, and I don’t want my goals to be all about physical appearance. I want to be more and being called beautiful at the same time.

I met a girl the other day. She was a nice, very sweet and I must say it was fun to spend some time with her. Then she began to hang out with me and my friends and we got to know more about her. I can’t help but think she was unconditionally dumb. This may seem harsh but it is true: she was always out of the topic, trying to get into the conversation but having nothing relevant to say. Sometimes she would just smile and let go, for she seemed to have absolutely no idea of what to say.And I find it so irritating because I feel like a woman should never rest on her beauty. Beauty fades, it goes away in a snap of fingers.

Now it is true that not everyone is privileged to get an education,in Africa particularly, Girl child education is still a struggle But the thing a woman must not be comfortable with being pretty alone, she has nothing if she doesn’t push herself to do more. When she is forced by circumstances to drop out of school, she could learn a special job, or work or master an activity.

A woman should be eager to have it all, and by all I mean physical beauty as well as inside beauty plus brains.It feels so different when you meet someone and actually ca tell she/ he has something more to tell the world Of course, like every other girl, I want to be called beautiful , But I also want to be respected. I want to learn about the world, about the people. I want to study, to ask questions, to discover new things and new places. I want to have an opinion and to build my own knowledge and never be financially dependent on anyone

Women should always reach for more than their own physical appearance. And as a matter of fact that works as well for men. So I want people to dream for more and never take beauty for granted. Intelligence should be rewarded just as much as a good body. This is why I expect so much more from the world and somehow think intelligence will always be the best kind of beautiful. 


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