Insecurity: Kogi To Embark On Massive Orientation On Security

The Kogi State Government has concluded plans to embark on a massive orientation of the people on security to stem the tide of insecurity in the society.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr Kingsley Fanwo.

It states that Government is prepared to respond effectively to the rising cases of criminality in the state in recent times.

The Statement:

“We make bold to say that not many states have invested what Kogi has invested in ensuring the security of lives and property of her citizens under the present administration.

“From improved security architecture to better security equipment and surveillance; the Yahaya Bello Administration has addressed the gaps in the security system of the State.

“But the last few days has really challenged us to step up our strategy as a Government and we have come up with new measures to flatten the curve on rising cases of criminality in the State.

“It is obvious that we have been able to contain criminal activities in the state, however, the new wave gives an indication that we need to deal with criminals who just entered the state to perpetrate their nefarious activities and leave. Our people must come to speed with their roles in exposing strange and suspicious movements around our communities”.

According to the statement Fanwo said in the coming days, the Ministry of Information and Communications will deploy effective sensitizing and orientation strategies and platforms to empower the people with the knowledge of dealing with insecurity.

“We are going to be working on resetting the psyche of the criminals, to make them know that a crime-infested society does not help anyone, including the criminals”

“It is believed that many criminals don’t even know the dangers inherent in their acts.

“They need to know and make informed choices that will protect the society.

“On the other hand, we shall be talking to our people. They have a big role to play here. Criminals don’t descend from heaven, they live with the people. When the people take ownership of security, it becomes difficult for crime to rise.

“Our people must be empowered to know how to respond to security situations. We must bring our people to the same table with the Government and security agencies. All parties must commit to raising the bar against criminality.

We cannot afford to lose the war”.

“The Government spokesperson assured the people that Governor Yahaya Bello will stop at nothing to apprehend masterminds of the recent attacks in the State, saying Kogi will soon regain her reputation in securing her territories.

“Since 2016, we have been known around the country as a foremost success story in the area of security.

“This administration under the leadership of the security savvy Governor Yahaya Bello will bounce back to reckoning in ensuring our people are safe.

“It is the primary responsibility of Government and we won’t shirk the responsibility.

“Apart from deploying our information platforms for massive Sensitization and orientation, we will embark on townhall meetings to discuss with our people on the need for them to suppprt Government and security agencies in ensuring security in the state.

“We will stand with the people and ensure criminals have no place in our dear state.

“We commend security agencies for their support and cooperation in tracking the criminals that attacked the people of the state and security formations.

“We can also say that we are proud of our working partnership with the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency for ensuring that illicit drugs, which are the foundation of crimes, do not circulate in the state”.

The statement urges the people not to panic as Government is committed to their security and safety.

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